Violencia en EUUU: Detengamos este disparate

The United States has become an extremely violent country. There are more lethal weapons in this country than people live here. The worst thing is that they are in the hands of young people, and of anyone who has money to buy them.

Violence is also experienced in schools, which thank God are closed. That has contributed to the drop in killings. But what worries me the most is what I saw on national television from Atlanta, Georgia. Nobody told me, I saw it with my own eyes.

There were several boys, quite young, with long weapons, the kind used to kill people in war. I mean, it wasn’t a gun or anything small, but almost their size. They were in front of the police, but they were not taken prisoner, nor did anything to them. And don’t let them come back to me with the Constitution, which was written many years ago. Everyone has the right to bear arms, but there must be a process that confirms that we are not arming a madman.

We cannot continue with this nonsense in the most powerful country in the world. Those people were in front of one of the places where they count votes in the elections. I do not see why they were armed, as if they were soldiers going to a world war, in the middle of elections that have stirred strong passions.

The US is «supposedly» the example of democracy, which I do not believe; But the gun violence that we are experiencing these days, and that continues to appear in some states, is something very strong that must stop.

There were children, women and old men surrounded by long weapons. If those armed madmen function as if we were at war, this cannot be controlled by anyone. At any moment there is going to be a shootout. And again we will regret, the politicians will wash their hands (for a change), but the people who were killed by their people will be marked forever. Nobody has the right to do that to any human being.

Are we living in Afghanistan now? I don’t know what’s going on, but this is not the United States that I used to know. I don’t see why people have to walk in the streets with rifles that were created for war.

Really, this is the biggest problem in the United States right now: the overpopulation of guns in the hands of people who do not know how to handle them or who have a bad head. Who put the bell to the cat? All the presidents have said they will solve it, but none have done anything. For this reason, I keep saying like Mafalda: «stop the world, I want to get off this crap.»

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