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A foster home is a place where the State takes children to live, when they have been taken from their home for child abuse, be it sexual, physical, psychological or neglect. These remain there until it is decided whether they can be returned to their family of origin or adopted.

Children always love their parents, even if they are serial killers. They need contact with their parents, although a person is needed to guide and protect them from their own father during the meeting. Studies have shown that children totally separated from their relatives, especially their mother and father, begin to become depressed, have problems in school and in their health.

These children come full of unanswered questions. The abrupt change from your home to another of unknown people, can cause more emotional conflict than real help. This, without taking into account that before arriving at the foster home, he was torn from the family bosom by policemen who put him in his car and took him away.

It is important that there is child and family therapy during the process of separating children from their parents. Given by true professionals, since they face serious processes that deserve a lot of knowledge to be overcome.

Many children “charge” the foster home parent for all the anger and pain of being abruptly separated from their birth parents. What is happening must be fully explained to them, or the damage will be worse.

There is a very serious mental health problem in the US, because access to good therapists is not paid for by insurance or by the government.

The act of taking children out of the house and separating them is done for their own safety, «supposedly». Besides the possible abuse received in his family, nobody explains anything to him, nobody answers his questions. Many times, the mother does not know what is happening, for example they are being sexually abused by their stepfather. Although a mom always knows that a child is being abused.

Prevention work is important to minimize conflicts with families and children. Removing children from your family is traumatic. If it is necessary to do so, there should be psychological help in the process. Families should be thoroughly evaluated by an expert in family therapy. Perhaps working with the family is much better for everyone. Avoid at all costs re-traumatizing a child who is already being traumatized.

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