Si lo puedes imaginar, lo puedes lograr

I have always thought that our mind, our emotions and our  unconscious  have a lot to do with health in general. For years I have said it on television, in my columns and on my networks.

The office made it clear to me that if scientists and doctors do not understand this, medicine will hardly be able to heal. Medicine, in general, does not heal, it only controls symptoms. Antibiotics and surgeons can come close to healing, but the rest is «crop and feather no more.» Without stem cells, we don’t heal; God left them in our body to regenerate what is damaged.

Dr. Álvaro Skupin and I have talked a lot about this. He may not believe as much as I do in the power of the mind, emotions, love, and the unconscious, but he does firmly believe that human beings decide to die. And nobody gets them out of that idea until they get it. Years of working in intensive care, watching people die, makes you see things like the ones I saw in my office as a psychologist.

Watch your thoughts, watch your words. Both are  energy , and human beings are energy. Energy is not destroyed, it is only transformed. Use your energy and mental power to achieve what you want.

Family therapy reconfirms how our ancestors continue to speak into our ear from heaven. I have treated families where it can be clearly seen when the conflict started and how the results and behaviors are passed from one generation to the next.

If someone does not stop that snowball that runs behind us, we will be crushed. Our children and grandchildren also repeat, over and over again, codes learned in the family.

Hypnosis just opened my eyes, but Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) challenged me, and I challenged it. The degree thesis for my master’s degree in NLP was to visualize in detail something that I strongly desired. It was very difficult, but the most important thing is «do not hesitate, do not give up and believe with faith that I will achieve it». My goal was to enter a Hispanic network to educate all the Latinos in the world, and I succeeded.

Visualize in detail what you want. If you meditate or go into self-hypnosis, all the better. The message reaches the unconscious more easily if you are focused and relaxed. Today more than ever we have to go inside, create our reality and achieve what we want. It can be done, we just need faith and never doubt. Our unconscious mind does not believe in reality and does not understand the word «no» either. The sky is the limit.

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